Our Story

LE POPPOP was created in 2019 by British designer Phia Griffin.

From a young age Phia had always wanted to explore.  At 18 she found herself with a one way ticket to Chile and only her rucksack by her side. As the years went on whether she was riding horse back through the Chilean desert, packed into a communal taxi in Ghana or scootering around the islands of Timor. The one constant was her backpack.

phia griffin horseback

Phia’s rucksack became her home and her reference of comfort but she wanted more than just a generic bag that anyone could buy. She wanted something individual, made with love and thought for the planet.

After years of travelling, due to her love of the French language Phia found her base in Bordeaux. With a passion for sewing in her teens and an insatiable need to create something with meaning, LE POPPOP was born.

Phia wanted to have a stylish, easy access backpack that could be used in her day to day Bordelaise life. Perfect for commuting to work, a crazy adventure or going out and about in the city with her friends. She needed to create a rucksack that not only carried her memories but was handmade locally.

Once Phia came across disregarded inner tubes, after testing their durability and suitability she knew she’d found her material. This material looked like leather and had a story of its own. However the only way to make the rucksacks as she imagined them would be to create her own sewing studio.

Poppop was her grandad who she lived with from the age of 9. He was a simple man who never needed much and his kindness shone out through his beryl blue eyes. Poppop always bought quality products to last a lifetime and 30 years on when they started to tear, parcel tape became his best friend. 

  •  LE POPPOP backpacks are made from recycled bike inner tubes and are usually mistaken for leather. 
  • Durable 600D polyester is used for the back and bottom piece of the backpack because during the testing stage it felt better against the skin compared to the rubber. 
  • The YKK zips are of the highest quality and are made from recycled plastic.
  • The front section when unzipped folds 75% of the way open for instant access and reveals the colourful cotton linings. Each backpack has a unique vibrant interior. 

Even though Phia wanted to create a rucksack that reused waste material it was essential it competed against all products on the market therefore no compromising on style or quality. The LE POPPOP motto throughout the design period was - "If it looks recycled or crafted, it's not good enough".

Each LE POPPOP backpack is handmade by Phia in her small studio in the heart of Bordeaux, France.

Your LE POPPOP is made to join you on your unique adventures & be a part of this crazy thing that is life.

LE POPPOP - made to last a lifetime.