Our Story

LE POPPOP was created by me - Phia Griffin in 2019 and is named after my Grandad - Poppop. With the “LE” in reference to my life based in France.


  • A man who was nothing but kind, dependable and accepting of all.
  • A man who at 99 years of age, still had the sparkle in his eyes & the wit to make everyone laugh.
  • A man who never needed much, other than seeing those that he loved smile.
  • A man that never wore black, only vibrant colours to match his beautiful soul.
These values have been carried forward into the creation of LE POPPOP.
  • LE POPPOP is captivating
  • LE POPPOP is loving
  • LE POPPOP is made to last a lifetime

LE POPPOP products are all handmade by me and are made to order, to limit any waste. All bags use repurposed durable inner-tubes, to give an excellent leather-look effect, while ensuring quality is at the forefront of everything produced.

The materials used are sourced as locally as possible to Bordeaux in order to minimise the carbon footprint. Everything LE POPPOP is made in my small studio in the heart of Bordeaux.

LE POPPOP values experiences, as memories are all that truly matter in this world - whether they are alone, with strangers or those that you love. I want to enhance your experiences by creating bags that you can’t bear to be without.

  • Each time you’re going on an adventure I want you to grab your LE POPPOP.
  • Each time your walking along a riverbank I want you to grab your LE POPPOP.
  • Every sunset you seek, I want you to grab your LE POPPOP.

Never forget.

Your riches consist not in the extent of your possessions but in the fewness of your wants” - JOSEPH BROTHERTON