Top 9 Bordeaux Street Fashion Outfits

 Bonjour LE POPPOPers!

This is the first of our weekly Street Fashion Blog. 

This week we took to the streets of Bordeaux to see what styles stood out for us the most. We look for people who ooze confidence whether it be for their casual essence or their well put together ensemble. All styles go, here at LE POPPOP and as the year goes on we can't wait to see how peoples styles adapt. 

All outfits shown can be styled perfectly with a LE POPPOP backpack. LE POPPOP backpacks are not only super eco friendly but they adapt to all different looks. The recycled rubber material which looks similar to leather gives LE POPPOP's a stylish minimal look - perfect for work and pleasure. 

We hope you can use these outfits as inspiration but bear in mind the world of fashion is extremely harmful to this beautiful planet of ours. We hope that if you find anything you like, try to buy from second hand shops (there are many here in Bordeaux) and if there's no luck - you go for quality over quantity. 

Have the best week, talk to you next week with more Bordeaux Street Fashion. 

All our LOVE 


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